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To host a web site means, plainly, to save it in a computer called "server" which is always accessible from the Internet. Your own computer could be a server if you had it always connected. However, a 24hs connection is not the only reason for deciding instead to rent some disk space in a machine dedicated specially to the purpose of hosting websites.

Hosting services should provide enough hard disk space in one of their servers and a proper space of exchange of data from the server to the user and viceversa. This last is usually named "Bandwidth". Renting a hosting that gives a lot of storage space but doesn´t give bandwidth enough to make the navigation of the website fast -and sometimes even possible!-, is too bad a decision to afford. But lack of knowledge on these areas and bad advise lead people to go through these unhappy experiences oftenly.

Choosing the right option in hosting solutions is not a minor detail. Currently I work with a company which servers are located in U.S. Their headquarters are based in Argentina and years of good services keep me trusting my website and my clients' to their servers. However, I am always open to what my clients may choose, if they come with an idea already on where they would like to host their site. I evaluate the choices and if they meet our needs we go for the client´s preference.

The services I offer are available for websites worldwide and for client abroad the hosting fees are really interesting. For further information, quotes and technical details please [contact me].

Regarding Domain Names Registration (this is the name your site will have i.e.: I take care of making the research of domains' availability and doing the registration. Also, I help clients in the process of deciding of which would be the most effective name to choose. There are several variables to have present when you select a 'correct' domain name. Many are not too obvious usually. That´s why consultancy with a professional at this stage is also very important.

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