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The return of investment -ROI- is always positive for those organizations who have decided to go online. They understood that their website is a branch or window accessible and open 24hs. When thinking about your future website, I recommend you to:

  • Discover which would be your audience and the reason to be of a website for your organization ("who for" & "what for").
  • Resolve and decide which would be the most effective way to convey your message. Caring about all aspects equally: contents, structure, graphic design, layout, marketing, seo, hosting, domain name, etc.
  • Build up a solid site, prepared ('optimized') to be aknowledged and well indexed by search engines and online directories.
  • Once online, update it frecuently, maintain it and follow an ongoing promotion policy.
  • Last but not least: Keep it simple! =)

In terms of graphic design solely, I work in the creation of logotypes, isotypes, corporative image, advertising, stationary, business cards and global visual themes upon request.

Making a website with a foreign designer is possible, communication overseas can be fluid and easy, and in most of cases -if you are in Europe, Canada or the Unisted States, for example- the prices on web and/or graphic design are more affordable because of the exchange rate. You are welcome to contact me for any comments, questions and quote requests. Thank you for your time and interest!

"It's clear that design can make the difference between deciding whether to buy online or not and between heading deeper into a site and moving on to the next competitor. But even if you've hooked someone in with a design that gives them a good gut reaction, design can also affect how they feel about your company, especially when it comes to judging your credibility."

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