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A website is a special, unique creation. Its design and planning must be done thoughtfully. The main target should be set at expressing the desired messages in a most effective and efficient way. We need to know "what to say", but as well, we need to address correctly "how to" say it.

Your website design, its proper development and final upload are important steps that need care and dedication. Your site will be the open window of your project and organization on the Internet. It will be the point of contact through which your prospects / interested visitors will find you and evaluate if they will contact you. Whether they perceive that what you offer is of their interest or not. And this exam takes just a few seconds. As real as it happens with an graphic advertising campaigns which make people go get a particular product or not. These are priceless instants of your visitor´s attention which you cannot afford to lose. Therefore, both the contents *and* the layout of your website are so important.

  • "Researchers at Carleton University in Ottawa recently discovered that users make judgments about Web site design in as few as 50 milliseconds (a mere 1/20th of a second!). This judgment is an emotional reaction based on pure aesthetics and has nothing to do with usability."
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A professional web design implies too building sites that can be found, well ranked and indexed by Internet search engines and directories (Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc). In order to expect your website to appear in first positions of results when users search. Having a great website regarding graphics and animations, for example, which has not been created based on these pillar concepts, may not be well ranked, and the potential visitors just won´t find it when looking for related sites. As well it can be not too welcome to users who are seeking a quick straight forward answer to their need. ("What would Wal-Mart do?")

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